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Saturday Decisive Game Tonight With Notes

October 21, 2017

Tonight in what I am pretty certain  to be just the third decisive game to be played on a Saturday, in baseball history, the Houston Astros host the New York Yankees, in the seventh game of the 2017 A.L.C.S.

It is the first night, Saturday decisive game in baseball history.

The home team has won the first 6 games of the series. This is the ninth time in baseball history that has occurred.

Before tonight’s result tips the record in favor of one result, (the home/road have split in the previous eight), the road team breaking through to win the first four, all in World Series play, while the home team has prevailed in the last four, all but one in World Series competition.

Houston was involved in the only previous LCS in which the home team won the first six games. St.Louis prevailed in the “all home team victories,” 2004 NLCS.

The Yankees have been involved in three previous such series, splitting in the first two when first Brooklyn broke through on the road to win their lone title in the 1955 World Series, with the Yankees reversing the result, winning game 7 at Brooklyn in 1956 and then losing in an all home World Series vs Arizona (Diamondbacks) 45 years later.

Brooklyn/L.A. Dodgers were also involved in three such series, the two cited above and a second win/breakthrough on the road at Minnesota, vs the Twins, in the 1965 World Series.

The Minnesota Twins, on the wrong end of the third loss for the home team in the first four loss skein as cited above, won the first two in the all home, 4 game win skein, taking all four at home to win the ’87 title vs St. Louis (Cardinals) and the ’91 crown vs the Atlanta Braves.

Pittsburgh, led by the great Roberto Clemente, who died less than 15 months later, hopefully, helping to put this all in perspective, and Steve Blass, were the last team to win game 7 on the road, after the home team prevailed in the first six games.


In the home in the first six, road 7th that the Yankees won, Don Larsen, pictured above, pitched a perfect game in #5,’56 World Series.

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