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Dodgers’ Pennant And Notes/ Post Flashback

October 20, 2017

The Los Angeles Dodgers eased to victory in game 5 last night and won their 19th National League Pennant.

L.A. avenged last year’s NLCS loss to the Cubs and will be in their first World Series since “fiving” the favored Oakland Athletics in 1988.

This is the second L.A. series in the last four, in which the game 4 winner did not win the series.

Previous to the New York Mets division series victory over the Dodgers in 2015 (L.A. had won game 4), the game 4 winner of a Dodgers’ post-season series had won said series, 25 straight times encompassing a period of time of just over 60 years, (1955-2015).

Click below for the link to the post after the Mets’ victory ended that streak in 2015.

New York Mets’ Win Ends a 25 Time Streak on October 16, 2015


The streak started when John Podres, pictured above with catcher Roy Campanella and I believe third baseman, Don Hoak, won (2-0) in #7, 1955 W.S. at Yankee Stadium, giving the then Brooklyn Dodgers their first and only title.







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