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Still Talking About Gabe Kaplan

September 22, 2017

I really like the television show, “Welcome Back Kotter” and am glad it is airing on Antenna T.V. nightly at 6:30 P.M. Eastern Time.

All of the cast members were excellent on the now forty plus years old show. The following post recalls series star, Gabe Kaplan and a good experience in my life with Mr. Kaplan

Once, I believe on one of those great “roasts” hosted by Dean Martin, the one and only Muhammad Ali said “everyone’s talking about Gabe Kaplan” as only he could, a tribute to Mr. Kaplan a rising and so talented comedian.

Having seen Gabe Kaplan, on one of the recently aired, marvelous “Tonight Shows,” with Johnny Carson shown each night on Antenna TV, I talk some more here about Kaplan’s great sense of humor, much of it recalling his days in Brooklyn, New York.

The show that aired recently was from May of 1974, before Kaplan starred in the television show “Welcome Back Kotter,” which also truly launched the career of John Travolta.

Coincidentally, Cindy Williams appeared on that Tonight Show, also a year before her big television show, “Laverne and Shirley” which also starred Penny Marshall.

I was fortunate to be a contestant on a Gabe Kaplan hosted “NFL Trivia” show. He was funny both on and off camera.

More telling to me, he was gracious even telling me the genesis of his making “that noise” in a great “Kotter” episode, in which he plays basketball with student “Fred Boom Boom Washington,” (played by Lawrence Hilton Jacobs), as each of us were getting “tv makeup” applied.

What a thrill for me then and to have seen this fine performer and others on the Tonight Show with Mr. Carson.


The cast of “Welcome Back Kotter” pictured above.



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