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Remembering Jake LaMotta

September 20, 2017

Jake LaMotta, a terrific fighter/boxer, and flawed, complicated, humorous, friendly and ultimately good man, died at age 95.

I was fortunate to meet Mr. LaMotta on more than one occasion, including after his performance in “The Lady and the Champ.”

He was friendly and funny, one time joking about “striking out” with women, the next each of us lauding his “home run,” with his seventh wife, Denise Baker.

My late friend Joe Green and I spent many “diner” nights eating corn muffins and talking of sports’ greats.

Mr. La Motta was not the greatest, but because of his considerable talent, toughness and good, often great fights vs the greatest, Ray Robinson, Jake as Joe called him, was his hero.

Also Jake and Joe spent time together and Jake had class. I loved hearing the stories and told “Jake” so in our first meeting.


Left to right, Jake and Andy B after Jake’s performance in “The Lady and the Champ” in 2012.

The great actor, Robert DeNiro, who brilliantly portrayed LaMotta in director Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull” wrote “Rest in peace champ.”

I add to that nice sentiment, by saying let the “friendly” checkers games with Ray commence.

You made each other greater, perhaps Ali and Joe Frazier, who did the same, will be seated next to you.

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