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“Diseased” but true!

August 27, 2017

Ten years ago, Bill Belichick, a truly great coach, (thankfully with three more Supe crowns than Bill “Willie Boy” Parcells, whose great fortune on FG’s in ’90, foreshadowed the insane luck of two more “Hack” Giants’ title teams, both vs Belichick and New England), violated NFL etiquette, not that he “rubbed it in,” but doing so vs Joe Gibbs, then back as “Wash” coach.

Look up the undefeated Pats record, vs the spread, after that occurrence.

Now, both the Pats and Giants go into the meaningless, (unless you bet on it), EXHIBITION finale vs each other, with both teams (0-3) vs the spread. Each won this past weekend, but failed to cover, causing excruciating losses for their fave betting backers (in the NE case, bettors moved NE from at most minus 1 to minus 3, they won by 2, which is eery, disgusting, typical, and hard to shake for those disease ridden.

Yet Manfred, Selig, and Giamati (spelling?) keep/kept Pete out of the not so hot Baseball “Hall,” punishing him and great fans like me, some disease ridden, who know how hard Pete tried and how much he loved baseball.

How much so many of us, who no longer do, did back when he ran to first base, after drawing walks.

Anyway NE went (16-3) vs the spread last season (here is a baseball/Pete reference in Pete’s rookie of the year ’63 season, Ron Perranoski of the eventual world champion Dodgers compiled a (16-3) mark as a relief pitcher), and will not come near that success this season.

However, try “stepping in,” especially if as is the case with me, you are not “off” (3-0) vs them, after their insane Supe cover/win, and fall.

Small each game, a bit higher if they cover KC and Minne covers New Orleans, on the Saints plus, vs NE in the second Pooh/Romo game.


(3-0) “cheese” posted this not knowing/realizing 3 slices above, as NE (0-3) vs the spread was bet to minus 3.

A cheese for this, a cheese for that this “cheesing” the sick, violent, corrupt NFL, is not healthy, especially if you are gambling/pain of withdrawal/waste INTOLERANT!

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