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“The Lupica Bowl” Criticizing Him/Others As TRUE, Albeit Bitterness

August 26, 2017

Few people have annoyed me more than the talented writer, but not my “sports cup of tea,” than Mike Lupica.

I read his report on a “reg” game between the defending champion Celtics and contending Bullets in ’75 and praised him as a “cut above.”

Unfortunately his “shoot from the lip” style, so often heaping the wrong, and clearly disproportionate praise/criticism, has truly hurt and annoyed me.

Perhaps that is his job as a columnist and his compensation is incredible, not in a good way to me.

Anyway tonight/this weekend, I call it “The Lupica Bowl,” as two teams “touted” by Lupica on, the Rays (he actually wrote of them as AL East contenders when they were hot) vs the Cardinals (since he waxed poetic, regarding them and touted St. Loo, the Red Birds are well below .500).

One other thing and remember Lupica is a power, while nobody knows me, but I speak the truth.

Lupica ripped into Hillary Clinton in 2008 which is his right. I doubt he supported Trump, but his views regarding Ms. Clinton, to which he is entitled, and those of others, normally intensely vs Trump or anything close, cost Clinton and in my opinion us/U.S..

Additionally, Lupica NEVER was friendly to me on the more than handful of occasions I met him in and around that “Frankenstein” show, “The Sports Reporters.”

Maybe it was the ungodly early Sunday morning time they tape the forerunner of the absolute nonsense now brought to us, by the likes of Stephen A. Smith.

Conversely, in 2001, then New York Senator, Hillary Clinton was most gracious to me, posing for a picture and telling me my recently departed mother’s praise of her, made her feel good.

The picture did not come out, (no flash for an inside photo but oh the punishment did not fit the “crime”) I am a good person, whose technical mistakes and other ones, leave me cold, bitter and alone.

Perhaps that bitterness toward Lupica and others far worse (Smith) and beyond even that (Trump), is a function of that bitterness.


Until it “boils over!”

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