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More Title Team “Losses” Notes

June 27, 2017

There is much research to do, but the discrepancy in losses by the respective NBA and NHL title teams, the Golden State Warriors and Pittsburgh Penguins, likely is the largest in the 70 year history of each league crowning a champion (1947-2017 as the NBA, first as the B.A.A., began in 1947, and there was no NHL season nor champion in 2005).

Golden State started (15-0) went (16-1) in the recently completed ‘offs, while the Pens, eerily similar to last season when they also titled, won series in 5, 7, 7 and 6, going (16-9).

The year before “Pitts” won its “quarter,” (both times said “quarter” was vs top ranked Washington (Capitals), in 6 games and the other series in the same 5, 7 and 6, going (16-8).

A great discrepancy also manifested in 1971, when each champion needed to win 3 best of 7 series/12 ‘offs games.

Milwaukee (Bucks) the NBA winner went (12-2) while the NHL title team, the Montreal Canadiens were (12-8). Where oh where is my S.U.N.Y. Albany friend, Don Cole, who rooted for both of those ’71 title teams.


So much talk of Michael Jordan vs LeBron James as the game’s greatest player, first off James is not even close and considering college and pro and maybe even just pro, Kareem/Lew Alcindor, the latter for 3 college titles in 3 seasons at U.C.L.A. and the aforementioned ’71 Bucks, is the best.

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