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When will we “Get Smart?!”

June 26, 2017

I truly enjoyed watching some episodes, at least partially of the Mel Brooks/Buck Henry conceived 1960’s spy spoof show, “Get Smart” on Decades over the past weekend.

In addition, to the splendid comedic talents of Don Adams aided by Barb Feldon and Ed Platt, there was the “ahead of its time” shoe phone.

Alas at the show’s beginning Adams’ “Smart,” (maybe that is where they got the name for modern “shoe phones,” ducks into one of  the now obsolete telephone booths.

One comment recalling a “Smart ism” “Would you believe” sports “reporter,” Kim Jones needed and had shown, her notes for a simple interview with Joe Girardi?

Would you believe today this “who is she,/ who does she know” “reporter” stumbled through a commercial on WFAN. Bad enough, but instead of continuing and just being bad, a la most of the WFAN commercial reads, Ms. Jones made excuses, as to it being a new read.

Try preparation Ms. Jones! Then again enabled as you are, why be prepared, why get better, why improve your craft?!


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