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Dray, Dick, for that matter A.C. Green and titles.

June 21, 2017

It is quite possible, maybe even probable that there are other examples, but in my continuing process of gathering notes on title teams, I give you Oakland and the Green(es?), as cities with two different teams, that won at least two titles in three seasons and had players with the same last name and in fact, initials.

Upon reflection, maybe that had not been “accomplished” until the Warriors (titles in ’15 and now ’17) with Draymond GREEN, joined the Oakland A’s (titles from 1972 -1974) with Dick GREEN.

Add A.C. Green of the Lakers and that is 7 titles for “Greens” in the state of California.

Dray Green is at the very least, flamboyant, not so Dick Green, nor for that matter A.C. Green.

A.C. helped the Lakers win back to back titles in ’87 and ’88 with selfless play and great rebounding. He added key points at subtle moments, in big games.

Dick Green was brilliant in the ’74 World Series vs L.A. (Dodgers), most memorably making a great relay throw in the tied 5th game as late as the 8th inning.

Joe Rudi homered in the bottom of the frame, on came the great Rollie Fingers, so long denied “Hall” status (Pete may never get into what is becoming the Hall of Sham, with Biggio, Bagwell others and NOT the all-time hits leader Pete (Rose) nor homer king Barry Bonds) and the A’s had 3 straight titles.



Dray Green, pictured above. The “42” apparent with G.S. players in #5, had to be for Nate (Thurmond).



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