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ABC Joy, Not Mine, Game 5 Monday Night

June 10, 2017

Seventy years ago, in the first NBA title series, the Warriors franchise, then in Philadelphia, did what these Golden State/Oakland Warriors did through the first four games, namely win the first three, before losing in game four, on the road.

The (1946-1947) Philadelphia Warriors led by Joe Fulks, captured the first NBA crown, winning game 5 vs the Chicago Stags, at home.

Maybe, even likely, maybe even very likely, (save the ABC power and the LeBron James power/greatness), these (2016-2017) Warriors will title at home, on or certainly near, this nation’s Pacific coast for the first time and in so doing win the franchise’s 5th title, in game 5 Monday night.

The Philadelphia Warriors as is the case with the G.S. Warriors have/had 2 crowns, Philadelphia also winning the 1956 title, clinching it in #5 at home.

Golden State won its 1975 title at Washington, in #4, to complete an incredible sweep, and clinched the 2015 title at Cleveland, in #6.

Since they did not go (16-0) and clinch at Cleveland last night, manifestations include, more travel for 50 plus years, Warriors fan, Bob and the/my fear ABC and the James/Irving Cavs will force a 6th and maybe even win the series, in which case James would become this country’s first king.


Joe Fulks, pictured above.

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