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Cup Final Notes

June 9, 2017

The Pittsburgh Penguins routed the Nashville Predators (6-0) in Pittsburgh in game 5, to take a three games to two, Cup Final lead.

Six different Pens’ players scored goals, Sidney Crosby (no goals but assists on three of the first four goals), while Matt Murray notched 24 saves to post his third career ‘offs shutout, one not “expressed” by me.

“Pitts” is now (13-4) in home Stanley Cup Final games, a tremendous (8-1) since the “Vogues”/Detroit Red Wings clinched their 4th title in 12 seasons (’97-’08) there (at Pittsburgh) in #6 of the 2008 Final.

The Pens, whose previous 4 titles were clinched on the road, (I am almost certain that is unprecedented in any of the four major North American sports leagues) can wrap up a second straight title,with a second straight year Sunday night, road, game 6 win if they beat Nashville (Predators) Sunday night.

However, the Preds are (10-1) at home in these ‘offs and (13-1) dating back to last season.

“Nash” is a 3 to 2 game “fave” and the odds are only slightly greater than even against, that the Warriors (about 2 to 1 favorites) and Predators win the next games creating just the second “NBA title series ends in 4 straight and the NHL goes 7,” scenario in 71 possibilities, (the only one in 70 seasons was in 1971), (1947-2017). The ’05 NBA title series did not go 4, in fact ’twas “Tonio” over Detroit in 7, and thus though there was no NHL season in ’05, I am counting 71 seasons (’47-’17).

No matter who wins the “P”enguins/”P”redators series, the champions of the NFL and NHL in succession, will have nicknames beginning with the same letter of the alphabet (“P”atriots stormed back to win the most recent NFL crown, by the way you heard it here first, they will win less than the 12 plus projected games and Not even make the Supe this season. They will be great but I say not lucky. We shall see) for the first time since the “C”owboys of ’92 NFL and “C”anadiens, when it was “allowed,” of ’93 turned that “trick.”

Pushing the esoteric and a previously cited note, after the Pens’ #5 rout, home win, no matter who wins Pens/Preds Final, the home advantage team has won either game 5, the series or both 14 of the last 15 times an NHL Final was deadlocked at two games apiece.


That masked man  is Matt Murray.


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