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(4-1) My Score But NOT My Playoffs

June 6, 2017

Frederick Goudreau’s goal, originally a save, but judged otherwise via replay,  put Nashville (Predators) ahead to stay, in a second straight win vs the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins, in which the champions were held to one goal,  to square the Stanley Cup Final at two games apiece.

It was the second game in  three, to end (4-1), which is “my score,” but of course, there is no longer a way to “express” that notion.

Also (4-1) evokes the ignored Montreal Canadiens (it is preposterous that any team other than one of the five Habs’ title teams from (’56-60)  be the greatest NHL team, but of course the fan vote went to an Edmonton Oilers’ team, largely so Wayne Gretzky could promote it and hockey, citing Nashville in the southern United States), no longer as with all teams from Canada, “allowed” to win the title in “Bettman World.”

In winning their last three titles, now pretty long ago in ’93, ’86 and ’79 Montreal won the Final, four games to one.

Their title series wins in both ’79 and ’93 opened with (4-1) game 1 home losses and each ended with (4-1) home, title clinching victories.

Oh (no longer) Canada!


Phil Goyette, a truly outstanding hockey player, pictured above, was maybe a fourth line player for those great Montreal Canadiens’ teams.

Also note to “Ambassador” Wayne, you acknowledged probably the least of the great Canadiens’ teams, the 1971 version, a third place team, that roared to a not so great, but “good enough”(12-8) playoffs mark.

Ambassador–know your history!!

Gretzky did know that his ’85 team, named the best, was not in his opinion, or record wise, even the best Edmonton team.

Leave it to fans or voters in general, to get things wrong.


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