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Book Expo And Some Great Reading/Product Suggestions

June 5, 2017

During a whirlwind trek around the New York Book Expo held recently at The Javits Center in New York City, I came away with good memories of friendly people, with some books and websites, I think would be good summer reads.

Among them,  which has some great photos and memorabilia for sale and certainly at which to gaze. There is much about many memorable television shows including “Lost in Space,” and “The Munsters.” Both proprietor Debbie, her husband Jeff (see below) agreed with me regarding the great, personable, talented Al Lewis, speaking of “The Munsters.”

Jeffrey H. Herman is a fine literary agent.

Some great advanced technology in a compact speaker for noise reduction is what manifests from “Sounds True,” with Christine day as their marketing manager.

Janelle Gabay has written a fantasy thriller titled “First Born.” Check her website. It is

Great sports book are available at

Links to these fine sites and their equally fine products are below.

Triumph Books: The Leader in Sports Publishing

First Born & First Awakened by Janelle Gabay – First Born

 Lost (And Found) in Space  (great book about the show)



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