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Foley’s, THE Place In New York, For Pittsburgh Penguins’ Fans To Watch The Stanley Cup Final

June 1, 2017

There is another great association regarding the likely, far from definite repeat champion, Pittsburgh Penguins. It is the New York based, Pens’ fans establishment, Foley’s N.Y. (18 West 33rd Street), a truly great place to watch all sports and have fun.

Billed as an Irish bar with a baseball attitude, there are so many good things concerning Foley’s including great food and drink, an unbelievable memorabilia collection and yes an intensity for the Penguins, as all games are featured there with their fans dressed as though we were in “The Igloo,” a reference to the great franchise’s first home.

So if you are a Pens’ fan, or just want to see the Stanley Cup Final games with the equivalent of a great home crowd, come to Foley’s, say Saturday night at 8 or so, for game three and/or any of the remaining games, vs the upstart 16th ranked (the Pens were second in regular season points), Nashville Predators.


Click below for more information on the one of a great kind, Foley’s New York

Foley’s NY Pub and Restaurant | Midtown Manhattan

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