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Pitts vs Nash A Likely “Short Trip For Emrick” NHL Finals

May 22, 2017

Last year, when the Pittsburgh Penguins failed to clinch the title at home in #5/finals vs San Jose (Sharks), NBC and its crew had to journey Pittsburgh to San Jose again and also back.

Surely they did not like that. I will never forget the collasal gall of Mike Francesa complaining that he had to sojourn to Vancouver and back, after the Canucks forced a 6th game of the ’94 finals.

While I would not count out either Anaheim (Ducks) or the Ottawa (Senators), it looks like Emrick and the boys will have relatively short trips this season, Pittsburgh to Nashville and back either for “got to call a Pirates at world champion Cubs game,”  Emrick to go home or to “Civic Arena” for game 5 and then ???

Of course it is not Civic Arena, of course it has a corporate name, the Pens are a near great team for the second time in their history but though it will still send some chills if (and likely, far from certain), or when, the hockey czar calls Sid (Caesar, Bing) Crosby to receive the silver, lord knows “it ain’t what it used to be.”


Sidney Crosby and the Pens are 6 to 5 faves to make Emrick and the crowd at Foley’s in New York City happy with their third “Cup” together.

With it, if it, Sid will approach Sid Caesar (pictured above) greatness in his field.

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