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Preds “Take The Fifth,” Plus Anaheim #5 Semis Notes

May 21, 2017

Last night as certainly predicted here, the Nashville Predators won (3-1) at Anaheim vs the Ducks to take a (3-2) semis lead, recalling past “semis” games 5 in Anaheim sports history, most notably involving the Angels.

There was the Sunday glory of the Ducks semis game 5 win at Detroit vs the still powerful Red Wings en route to a 6 game semis triumph and eventual 5 game finals victory over the Ottawa Senators in the ’07 finals. (By the way, Ottawa is in its third semi and all three times the Ducks, the Might Ducks in ’03, have been in the “other” semi.)

Also the Angels wrapped up their semis series/ALCS vs the Minnesota Twins, whose roster included a young David Ortiz, with a Sunday game 5 home win, en route to the ’02 title.

The Chicago White Sox ended the Angels season, “5 ing” them, ending on a Sunday with Joe Buck, en route to their first title in 88 years in ’05. Last year fellow Chicago baseball team, the Cubs ended a title drought that was 20 years longer, with Joe Buck.

Edmonton, dispatched by the Ducks in a 7 game “quarter,” last week, “5’d” the Ducks in the ’06 semis, before losing to the Carolina Hurricanes, who were “guided” by current Nashville coach Peter Laviolette.

Twice the Angels under hard luck manager Gene Mauch, whose 1964 Phillies famously dissipated a big lead and also failed to win the pennant, lost Sunday 5th games, either officially being ousted at Milwaukee (Brewers), now a National League franchise or should I say “brand,” in a decisive 5th in ’82, and most memorable and heartbreaking of all, dissipating a (5-2) 9th inning lead in a Sunday home 5th and eventually a (3-1) semis/ALCS lead, to the Boston Red Sox in 1986.

Last night the Mets held off the Angels in a reg game, Joe Buck was there, (as with so many unpleasant things–is not he everywhere?!), that Sunday in ’86, I headed to the Mets’ Shea Stadium home for #4NLCS vs Mike Scott and Houston.

One day as requested in “Grease,” I will “tell you more,” regarding all that happened that day.


Current “Nash” coach, Peter Laviolette, guided the ’06 Carolina Hurricanes to the title with general manager, Jim Rutherford.

Perhaps the two will clash in the ’17 finals, as Jim Rutherford, who titled last season, is the Pens’ general manager.

Last season, the Lightning won at “Pitts” in an Emrick night 5th of the semis, but the Pens led by Bryan Rust won in 7. Emrick and NBC want the Pens to win, ideally in 7. I would not try “the lose game 5 at home trick” again, if I were them, but it is a day game, giving “Ott” a good chance.

However, what Bettman and Emrick/NBC want, they usually get. Happily,  not a Triple Crown bid, but I completely “dogged” the 28 dollar winning horse.



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