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A Bucks Saturday Afternoon Loss Exactly 45 Years Later Means So Much Less

April 22, 2017

Today, history/game results repeated, exactly 45 years later as the Toronto Raptors dealt the Milwaukee Bucks a home, Saturday afternoon loss.

On Saturday April 22, 1972, in a game so much more important (it was the last game of an NBA semi) and meaningful to me (greats Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar) lined the rosters, the eventual champion, record breaking Lakers clinched their “semi” at Milwaukee in that sixth game which, as was the case today began around 2 p.m. Milwaukee time.

It was a rare Saturday afternoon telecast as part of ABC’s Wide World of Sports in which the Lakers battled back to victory.

Then it meant so much, now it means so little and not because the Bucks certainly still have a chance, no because it is a first round, round of 16 if you will, clash between less than great teams, in a deteriorated league.


Another great NBA center, Bill Walton talked of how fortunate he was to watch Wilt battle Kareem, while attending UCLA.

Need I tell you is Wilt is on the left, pictured above.

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