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Thoughts And Notes On The Playoffs

April 21, 2017

Last night the Nashville Predators completed a four game sweep of the NHL West top seed, Chicago Blackhawks.

In effect, it was an eight seed defeating a one seed, which is unusual in hockey, yet not anywhere near as rare as in the NBA, where it is now likely, far from certain, to happen in favor of a Chicago team. (the actual eight seed Bulls won the first two games at the top East seed, Boston Celtics).

Additionally, in the NBA, a league I certainly am not enamored with, does its seeding in a reasonably fair way, unlike the NHL whose emphasis on divisions and rivalries has caused rather acute and unfair advantages/disadvantages in playoffs competition.

The NHL is certainly my preference over the NBA, one reason being the nature of the sport makes the outcomes so much more unpredictable.

However the current set up where teams play within a division and are not ranked according to points has manifested in advantages not earned for teams with less points and disadvantages for teams that achieved more in the regular season.



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