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Kareem Is 70, 45 Years Since Burt Hooton’s No Hitter Plus L.A. Links

April 16, 2017

Today is the 70th birthday of the great basketball player, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Exactly 45 years ago today on Sunday April 16, 1972, Jabbar, Lew Alcindor until that 1971-1972 season, led the Milwaukee Bucks to a series squaring, home win vs the record breaking, Los Angeles Lakers in game four of their semi series.

Note the playoffs were well into the semis then, while today, 4 opening round of 16, game ones will be played.

The Lakers won that series and the ’72 title. Eventually Jabbar was a big part of 5 Lakers’ title teams.

That day 45 years ago, Burt Hooton then with the Chicago Cubs, hurled a no hit game vs the Philadelphia Phillies.

Hooton eventually pitched for an L.A. title team, winning 4 post-season games for the Dodgers in the strike marred 1981 title season.

When Kareem Abdul Jabbar as Kareem, actually played in his first title clincher in 1982, vs another “Philly” team, the “owe them 6” 76ers, Hooton and the Dodgers were also champions.

As Lew Alcindor and at UCLA, Kareem had won 3 titles in 3 seasons as easily the greatest college player ever and then one in two seasons with the NBA Milwaukee Bucks.

He was the top player for the ’80 Lakers, but missed the title clincher in game 6 at Philly, vs those Sixers, a game famous for Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s 42 points and a mucho less heralded, 37 points by Jamaal Wilkes.


Kareem is 70! Where did the time go?!!

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