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“Supe To Nuts” Notes Begin

February 3, 2017

This Sunday February 5th, thirty six days into calendar 2017, the 2016 sports year, if not all things 2016, concludes with the 51st Supe, matching N.E. (minus 3, doubt it will go off that very powerful #, but ‘they’ seem to bet late, these days and one never knows) vs Atlanta.

As 2016 sports is about to conclude, it is perhaps noteworthy, certainly by me, as I thought it, that this will be the 13th of the 51 Super Bowls, that followed a presidential election.

A quick association of 13 and 51 yields 1951 with Ralph Branca, dead at 90 in 2016. He wore “unlucky” 13 and threw the pitch, on which Bobby Thomson’s home run won the 1951 National League pennant.

One more tribute to three sports greats, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer and Gordie Howe, who also died in 2016.


In my next post, presidential election year/Supe notes.



So much I could say, but simply put, Don Mueller who had a big hit in the Giants’ pennant winning rally on October 3, 1951, could hit.

I actually heard Mueller say, what he has been quoted as saying, 50 years after that game.

At a dinner commemorating the ’51 N.L. race, (of course with the wild card presence a race such as ’51 can never be), a fan asked Mueller if Gil Hodges should have been “holding” the runner, Alvin Dark on first base, with a (4-1) lead and left handed hitting Mueller at the “dish.”

Don, who fifty years earlier hit the ball past Hodges for a hit, said “if he was not playing there, I would have hit the ball someplace else.”

The fan laughed and agreed, saying simply Don’s nickname, “Mandrake The Magician.”


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