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Presidential Election Year Super Bowl Notes

February 3, 2017

As stated in my most recent post, this will be the 13th Super Bowl following a presidential election in this country.

The AFC team has won the Supe in 8 of those 12 situations, riding a 4 Supe winning streak in presidential election years (’68 Jets, ’72 Dolphins, ’76 and ’80 Raiders) and a current one, on the line this Sunday, (’00 Ravens, ’04 Pats. ’08 Steelers and ’12 Ravens).

Twice in as many possibilities, conference 4 game Supe winning streaks in such games following U.S. presidential elections have come to an end, as the NFC also had a 4 game win skein (’84 and ’88 S.F. 49ers, ’92 Cowboys and ’96 Packers).

“Bay Area” teams, the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers won 4 straight presidential election year Supes (’76,’80,’84 and ’88), another streak that ended at four.

The top three and two of the three teams tied for third in Supe wins won a “presidential year” such game.

Pittsburgh (Steelers) with the most Supe wins (6) won in ’08, S.F. and Dallas each with 5 crowns, won twice (’84 and ’88) and in ’92 respectively.

Two of the three teams with 4 Supe crowns, the Pats (’04) and Packers (’96) also won crowns in such games. Only the Giants, also with 4 Supe wins did not, dealt their only Supe loss by the Baltimore Ravens, in presidential election year, 2000.

“R”egarding “R” teams, the Raiders and Redskins are next in Supe wins with three apiece, Oakland (Raiders) gaining two in presidential election seasons while Washington (Redskins), though where the president and until this year, his wife were to be housed, has never won a title in a presidential election season.

Additionally both “R”avens, of near by, Baltimore crowns, were won in presidential election seasons.

Eleven of the 12 presidential election season Super Bowl winners, encompassing 8 teams, have at least two crowns as the Miami Dolphins, undefeated Supe winners in presidential election season 1972, repeated as champions, with not so arguably, a better team in 1973.

Only the first such presidential election season, Supe winner, the 1968 New York Jets have not only won just that one title, but also have appeared in just (that) one Super Bowl game.



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