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Watching And Enjoying “A Letter To Three Wives”/ Notes

December 12, 2016

I will have more on the fine movie “A Letter To Three Wives” which I watched yesterday on TCM, tuning out of the Packers’ “automatic” vs Seattle (Seahawks).

For now a couple of things/people from fiction that showed up later on in our culture.

The fact there was a fictional “Linda Gray” as at least a radio program, if not person in the movie gives me the pleasure of citing the beautiful, talented Linda Gray, best known for her role as “Sue Ellen” on the great show, “Dallas.”

In the movie which was written and directed by the great Joseph Mankiewicz and introduced by his talented grand nephew, Ben there is a car dealer known as “Crazy Eddie.”

No longer in business, but a force say in the ’80’s, “Crazy Eddie” was a great place to go for electronic items.



The incredible Mr. Joe Mankiewicz won Academy Awards in consecutive years for screenwriting and directing, first for “A Letter To Three Wives,” and the following year for “All About Eve.”

As Ben Mankiewicz noted, it is beyond doubtful and almost certain nobody will match that feat for a long time if ever.



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