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Dallas, “Hack” And Of Course The NFL And ITS Networks “Lola’d” It Again

December 12, 2016

NBC got what it wanted, with the (10-7) victory by the (9-4) New York Giants vs the (11-2) Dallas Cowboys.

Now next week’s tilt, already very important to (8-5) Tampa Bay (Buccaneers), a team tied with the Atlanta Falcons for the NFC South lead, but likely sans the tiebreaker advantage, has more meaning to the Cowboys, whose two losses have been to the Giants, in the season’s first game and the last to date, by a combined four points.

Dallas has a magic number of 2 to clinch the NFC one seed. Both the Cowboys and Giants have remaining tilts, at home vs (9-4) Detroit (Lions), the team currently ahead for the NFC “2” seed and at (5-8) Philadelphia.

The Giants visit (7-5-1) Washington (Redskins) the team currently ahead for the 6th and final ‘offs spot in the NFC, on the NFL regular season final day, which is the first day of 2017.

The Giants win also helps ESPN, as Dallas, no matter what next week’s results are, will have some “seeding” still in play, when they host Detroit, the Monday night after Christmas.

Even if Dallas wins next Sunday night, and I believe they will be at least 6 point favorites to do so, the winner of next Sunday’s Detroit at the New York Giants tilt, will still have a chance to finish ahead of Dallas.

All this said, Dallas is still a very likely NFC one seed and the loss last night was/is a blessing in disguise, as they were not likely to win 16 games in a row to win the Supe.

Now, one can easily say, to have won last night, which would have clinched at least a “2” seed and set up the “get it out of the way” loss, say at Philly, in a meaningless finale, a la what the (14-2) eventual champion, “Wash” team did in 1991.

No the networks and NFL, as with “Lola” in “Damn Yankees,” usually get what they want!

The good news for Dallas is ‘they’ still want them, as they are so called “America’s team,” an overblown comment both within the United States, but also the other countries (yes there are others in North, South and Central) America.



A “clue” above.

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