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NFL Predictions And Comments

December 11, 2016

After all that, (surely I do come on strong/likely offensive, to some of you with  long held deep beliefs in military glory. I would be happy to offer perspective on this complex issue, however my point of view which is shared by many, gets almost no, as they say now, “traction” especially in the sport’s world), I “better” give you guys, (now a term that includes gals), some winners.

After all, the “cha ching” (spelling?) is the one thing that takes priority over the “war mongering.”

First a look at the loser/loser/underdog system and then some advice which often, but not always, helps.

In the New York market, “they” would not give us 4 games, one a mandatory, meaningless Jets at “S.F’ tilt, so really it is two games.

A “system” game is (6-6) Buffalo plus 3 vs (7-5) Pittsburgh, with Nantz presiding. Oh, to have access to the envelope he possesses, with the game result (exaggerated?. of course, but trust me there are grains of truth in that statement, the everlasting question, how many?!!). “Buff” needs the game much more, but Pitts is still in a battle to win the AFC North to qualify, and is a dangerous, very good team. I will predict Pitts 19 Buff 17.

I do not think they want Arizona in, nor do they have much of a chance of being in. Additionally “AZ” threw long for a touchdown, that both covered and “over’d” Wash last week.

It was not a “gross” violation ( incidentally where is “Shtunk,” and dare I say intelligent, caring people such as him, who never overcame their inner base feelings and thus “roto-rooted” one as brilliant, talented, but lazy as me, are one reason we got one such as Trump, and all that entails) by “Az,” however, Miami, routed last week by Pitts’ rival, Balt, will win this week.

Do not “go crazy” on this or any other tilt though often I kick myself for not doing so, which is why gambling is so masochistic, among other unhealthy things, I say to myself, but this looks good, not as good as the latkas at Vikki and Jeff’s Chanukkah party yesterday, but good. Mia 23 Az 16. If I am wrong there is small consolation in the fact “traitor” cousin Adam’s non title streak with “his” Dolphins, Mets, Islanders and Trailblazers will grow to 143 (43 Mia, 29 completed seasons sans a title for the Mets, 39 for Portland’s Trailblazers and 32 completed NHL seasons for the Isles).

Two more system games in my next post on a ranting, angry, Sunday morning despite being at a great Chanukkah party invited to so graciously by Vikki, Jeff, Emily, Norman and by extension Ann and Nick. I should have taken the latkes home but even that will not prevent this rage if I do not find love and achievement!



Remember there are no locks in these games!

Maybe if my hard working parents (they were very different than me in that regard, working a combined 90 years, for a “lousy” 100 days in a skilled facility, granted to my mother) had seen that I knew there was evil, without citing the evils in the system, they would have met me somewhere “in between”  and today I could at least live with some dignity, if not afford that delicacy, lox.

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