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Comradery, VS Any Bigotry Especially Institutional And Systemic, And I Felt “Exponentially Insulted” By Danielson’s Nihilism

December 11, 2016

In the old days of baseball, players from opposing teams rarely fraternized. It was a much different time, one before pensions and player unions, yielding rivalries, often at least somewhat bitter, in abundance.

Thus I recall breakthroughs that also went further than opposing players talking, as one expands a bit on the three great players involved, hopefully bringing it forward in a very important sociological and more important, humanitarian sense.

The great player, Detroit’s (Tigers) Hank Greenberg, who once hit 58 home runs in a season which threatened the one and only George “Babe” Ruth’s single season record, once talked of being in the league over a year, without saying anything to another baseball immortal, Lou Gehrig of the vaunted New York Yankees.

Then in 1934, one of three times in a 7 year span, Greenberg and “Det” derailed the Yankees’ incredible “pennant express,” Hank got to first base and Lou asked “are not you going to say hello?”

I “tear up” thinking about such comradery, respect and yes greatness! Perhaps that is why I am so critical of the announcers, the country and most of all myself.

Moreover, I thought about what Lou Gehrig, a United States citizen went through as a youth because he was of German descent, during a war in the nineteen teens (I will not “number” the war, it was beyond brutal and even worse was supposed to be the last one. That was, and even more ominous, is not even close to being the case, making the usually just a “garden variety,” never shutting up, often wrong, “boning” Gary Danielson’s war monger type comment during yesterday’s almost fixed, Army win vs Navy (I predicted it, as if that matters, but alas Danielson and the military compete in “killing” while my competitive juices are satisfied, in trying to forecast outcomes in a violent, military game.)

Greenberg, another United States citizen, one who was of the Jewish faith, went through horrible insults on the baseball diamond.

Hank made it a top priority to be friends with Jackie Robinson, a black man, whose first season in 1947 was Greenberg’s last.

Speaking of “last,” Gehrig, Greenberg, and Robinson, their greatness and courage will last and resonate if we remember, that the people today be them from Mexico or of the Islamic faith, are human beings and need I remind you (sadly I do!) in 2016, be treated as such.

Maybe, in fact definitely in my opinion, another “last” as in a “last war” will never be as long as a Gary Danielson, who took the “commercial” for this country’s armed forces that is the Navy/Army game (by the way the overt rooting for Army and I predicted them to win and made a few bob on that fix, thus it is not “sour grapes,” was disgusting and both Danielson and “born again” Verne Lundquist, in his last tilt should be ashamed!) to a disgusting, nihilistic level.

In case you did not hear it, a gushing Danielson talked of an Army player (that is another thing and I almost never impugn a player’s ability, as for one thing, he or she is almost always better than an out of shape, “never was” such as me, but whomever he was, this was a game between at best, two slightly above average, college football teams) longing to lead his team into BATTLE and he did NOT mean football.

Way to go Gary, (by the way, again “light years” better than me, but at best a journeyman pro quarterback,0 it is not enough to promote football and its inherent violence but now salivate at the prospect of killing other HUMAN BEINGS.

One more thing, I may as well go “all in here,” I read that the man, who rode a process, originated to give states that made legal a “peculiar institution,” that put other human beings into slavery, namely the electoral college, to ascend to the United States presidency and so called “commander and chief” (purposely not capitalized as a statement not only against the very dangerous man, who will be in that position but as an intense opposition to war) of this country, so “moved” by war, (no wonder, so many of us can not sleep at night, ah but they can— the Trumps, the Danielsons and the Sean McManuses, more on him another time) was at the game!

Paraphrasing a local sportscaster of some renown, Warner Wolf, who would joke regarding who was at the game, you could have “turned off” all hope right there!



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