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Chiefs And Their Hills Over The Years

December 9, 2016

When the AFL climbed two huge “hills,” in winning the last two pre AFC/NFC format “Supes,” offensive linemen named Hill, the Jets’ Winston (his wife famously said my husband blocked Bubba (Smith) and the Chiefs’ Dave, played vital roles in their teams’ victories.

Now with so much still left to settle, the (10-3) Chiefs, as is the case with the Jets, sans even a Supe appearance since winning it all, but very much unlike the (3-9) Jets, are nice favorites to be at least the AFC “two seed” and minimum host a slots/division round game for just the fifth time in team history. They are (0-4) in previous such games.

In trying to climb that big “hill,” toward at least a Supe appearance, a Hill has led them in two big NBC wins, first in overtime con Tirico at Denver and (21-13) with Michaels at home last night, vs now (10-3) Oakland.

That Hill is Tyreek Hill.

Keep in mind, “KC” won both “reg” tilts vs Oakland and thus owns the tiebreaker vs “Oak.”

However, NBC has at least one more “KC” tilt, that one again in “KC” ( a string of 3 straight home games for “KC” began last night, next week a “be careful” game vs AFC South contender, Tennessee (Titans) on Christmas night vs (8-4) defending Supe champion Denver (Broncos).

Also with all the talk of the old KC vs Oak rivalry, which surprisingly I did not mind all that much (surprise!), keep the following in mind.

In six consecutive seasons (1966-1971), either and in most of those years, both Oakland and “K.C.” were true AFL/AFC powers.

In only one of those seasons did either team win the Super Bowl, (the Chiefs in 1969), doing so after losing both regular season tilts vs the Raiders.

Kansas City won in their third tilt at Oakland, in the last AFL title game . Subsequently, the Chiefs beat the Vikings (23-7) in the fourth Supe, the last contested between the NFL and AFL.



Another Hill that played for the Chiefs, Mack Lee Hill, pictured above died far too young at age 25.





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