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KC/Oak Can’t Be Great With Michaels

December 8, 2016

Please, I am only venting as to how much, “the only great on local Reds’ broadcasts,” Al Michaels has slipped.

He, with his stretched out calls, so far from the concise, “on the play,” greatness of a Ray Scott, or even a Curt Gowdy, makes me blue.

However, stay well Al and please spare me the utter despair, that would go with a Mike Tirico broadcasting NBC package games.

So far tonight, Michaels has called the opening quarter, a measure of the game’s length, the opening “frame.” Subsequently, a runner “ran into a wall and “exploited” it,” for what 3 yards. Exploitation, for sure!

You know what Al, (Bench’s homer call aside, Roberto went back to the wall and was never seen again. Your greatness was never heard again!

Yet in the NBA, Mike Breen replaced you. NFL would be Tirico, so I have to hope your less than stellar work remains, to avoid something much worse as is the case with Breen and would be con Tirico.



Partial picture but you can see the great Johnny Bench.

In fairness to Michaels, most of us (certainly me), never achieve any greatness. Click below to hear a great broadcasting moment and performance thereof by Al Michaels.

Reds Win 1972 NLCS



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