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A Huge Upset, Some Perspective And Comments

November 10, 2016

Three today, and as with the Trump presidency, any presidency or future event, who knows regarding tomorrow? A pretty good numbers year here, with at least 300 plus days, with three.

Speaking of numbers and the future, having talked about odds before, I would be remiss in not citing and in fact, crediting Donald J. Trump and his campaign (I have a sneaking suspicion a certain “media genius” was in on it, but as with say a missed “Juan Marichal appearance,” I did not move properly toward gaining knowledge) for an unbelievable, upset victory.

Mr. Trump was at least a 5 to 1 underdog as late as one hour before the first results came in from basketball/red states Indiana and Kentucky (this editorial comment I will make, and it is not anti Trump, nor anti today’s Republicans, but it is a “cold” (pun intended) irony, that Republican is red after their predecessors and again I do not ascribe this to now, were over zealous and unconstitutional under Joseph McCarthy, in going after so called Communists in the 1950’s) and I “warned” over confident Clinton supporters, the fact there was a line made a Trump victory entirely possible, though not probable.

Of course he did win, a startling, I believe greatest political upset in the annals of presidential elections. Also it turns out the sports books lost as the “players” took the 5 to 1 odds and no big bettor risked mucho to win little, by giving 7 to 1 odds with Ms. Clinton.

Harry S. Truman, 1948 was a bigger upset you say? A good man, who suffered many hardships and trust me I abhor racial prejudice, yet I state Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder was not a racist,, claimed he got 15 to 1 odds, with Mr. Truman in 1948.

Maybe he did, but the polls, certainly a big loser Tuesday night past, were far less sophisticated then.

A Trump victory even at one third the odds, but in an age of supposedly highly accurate polls, “trumps”–(there is that word again, but to the victor goes the thesaurus (I should patent that one, but here comes some “liberal,” the government in that regard certainly has not been fair) Mr. Truman’s even at 15 to 1, but with decidedly less accurate polling. At least that was the case until 68 years later.



In 1948 Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder surveyed the females in his family and found they did not like moustaches. That was the impetus, as he bet on Truman and vs Thomas E. Dewey, a man with a moustache.



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