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25 Years And Earvin “Magic” Johnson

November 7, 2016

Time, inexorably goes on.

Can it be 25 years since Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced he had the HIV virus?!

Much has happened in the world since that time.

Thank goodness Johnson is here, his “brand” state of mind outweighed by the many charitable ventures he coordinates. Unlike me, “Buck,” called that for different reasons, was never allergic to money.

In addition to being one of the greatest basketball players ever, arguably on some level, the greatest, he was always cordial and more often very friendly to me both personally and when I interviewed him.

Before his arrival, rooting for Wilt (Chamberlain), Jerry (West) and Elgin (Baylor) the Lakes and I knew mainly heartbreak, save my still favorite, ’72 title.

Earvin was the most important and best player on a great team that included a great bunch of guys. 5 indicated by me in the picture below, is for the 5 ’80’s titles. Let’s hope for more good from Earvin and all of us in the future.



The great Earvin “Magic” Johnson with Andy B, as they say, a few years back. I do get second billing ahead of the paper clip.









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