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Time To Criticize “Winner” Maddon and “losing 7th Game Manager” Hargrove,

November 3, 2016

Two extra inning, 7th game World Series losses for the Cleveland Indians in the last 20 W.S. (how many times in the 108 years sans a title did the Cubs suffer that way or with any tough loss with a chance to “title”–the answer is zero) but they are the Cubs, so they got the hype.

Their horrors were in the LCS, the Indians are in the World Series and while not quite the Red Sox in quantity or horror of coming close pain, they are getting close.

I despise the tragic human fact that we like to blame, inordinately blame others.

Yet while I have heard disproportionate blame placed on Earnest Byner, Jose Mesa and opponents John Elway and Michael Jordan for greatness vs Cleveland teams, it is time to cite the horrible decision Mike Hargrove, the Indians’ manager made in game 7 of the ’97 W.S., which was an even tougher loss for Cleveland, than the one last night.

I will do so in a post in the near future, say tomorrow.

Meanwhile is it “safe” to say, (just realized the painful coincidence as a tooth is yielding pain), that Joe Maddon often criticized here, proved my point that he is over rated.

He is so lucky that he won as the media, more “attack mode” than me, would have done so if his Cubs lost. They won, so he is vindicated. What hypocritical garbage!



Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier pictured above from the film “Marathon Man.”

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