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World Series Notes

November 1, 2016

Tonight in game 6 of The World Series, the Cleveland Indians hope to win their first title since 1948, the city of Cleveland’s first title clinched at home since the Browns won the NFL Title game in 1964 and the baseball team’s first since 1920, when they take a (3-2) World Series lead into game 6 against the Chicago Cubs.

Toward that end, Cleveland, nearly a three to two underdog, will start Josh Tomlin while the Cubs who fought off elimination in a post-season series in which they trailed in games, for the first time since game 6 of the 1945 World Series (also in what was their last home World Series win),  with their game 5 home win this past Sunday, have Jake Arrieta on the mound.

Cleveland has been victorious in all three of Tomlin’s starts, one in each round of the ridiculous expanded playoffs while the Cubs are (1-2) in Arrieta’s starts, that a win in Game 2 vs the Indians.

Again tonight, for the fourth time during the World Series and encompassing the entire NBA champion Cavaliers’ games thus far in the endless NBA regular season, there is both World Series baseball and basketball involving those two Cleveland teams. Tonight for the second time, a week apart, both games are in Cleveland, the NBA moving the starting time of Rockets/Cavs up an hour lessening the “conflict time” considerably.

The three Cleveland wins thus far in the World Series all came on nights the Cavaliers played (also won by the way), the losses on nights the Cavs were idle.




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