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3 To 2 And Cleveland Bids For Sports Titles

October 31, 2016

Since last winning a title at home with the Browns in December, 1964, Sunday/yesterday’s Cleveland loss was the fourth time one of the city’s teams had a chance to win a sports titles in a Sunday road game.

The first was at a place that had recently been named Lambeau Field, but had been City Stadium. In that city, Green Bay, the Packers denied the Browns a repeat title winning vs Jim Brown, (in his last game) and Company by a (23-12) score in the mud of Lambeau Field on that early January day in 1965.

(3-2) scores against Cleveland was the case in all three title denying losses, (allowing some “slack” on twenty THREE to 1TWO/twelve), all on Sundays, all on the road, of course including a (3-2) loss last night in a game “Cleve” manager, Terry Francona, (11-2) in World Series tilts and his Indians (10-3) thus far in this post-season, allowed his team to lose with Trevor Bauer.



The great Paul Hornung, pictured above ran for the clinching touchdown. A great broadcaster, Ted Moore intoned after the play, “The Green Bay Packers ran the power sweep as in the days of yore.”



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