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Toronto/Texas Almost “A Tale of Two Cities” Beginning Part 2

October 12, 2016

Before continuing with the near “best of times, worst of times” status for the cities/areas which the Blue Jays and Rangers represent, it is a fun fact that Toronto has a pitcher on its staff named R.A. DICKEy, again a “not quite” but perhaps close enough, in this case, to the great writer Charles Dickens.

The Texas Rangers are now (2-5) in division series, while remaining (2-0) in ALCS play and here is the big one (0-2) in World Series play juxtaposed with the Jays (2-0) record in the no longer “vintage Thunderbird” Fall series that crowns major league baseball’s champion.

That difference is in a sports sense, unfairly sure close to a “best of time, worst of times” scenario.

Add Texas being (1-11) in home division series games and that they lost 3 straight games at one point of all five, best of five division series losses.

While Toronto still must win two best of seven rounds to achieve “best of times” baseball status, the sport in that Texas area, anywhere in Texas, is football and a team called the Dallas Cowboys are (4-1) meaning for now, despite the Rangers’ loss it is not quite “the worst of times” in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.




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