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Toronto/Texas Almost “A Tale of Two Cities” Beginning, Part 1

October 12, 2016

It (not quite) (is) the best of times. It (not quite) (is) the worst of times.

That measurement almost applies as “A Tale of Two Cities,” (areas in one case) in the sports realm, after the Toronto Blue Jays swept out the Texas Rangers, in their recently completed division series.

Toronto was once (2-11) in a post-season span (all in the ALCS, to dare approach Mr. Dickens again, compared to these times with the bogus wild card presence, “it was the best of times” for baseball fairness) after taking a (3-1) series lead vs the eventual World champion, K.C. Royals in 1985.

The Jays recorded a (16-8) record, winning all four series four games to two, en route to consecutive World Series wins, the only non Yankees’ team to achieve that lofty status since the truly great 1975 and 1976 Cincinnati Reds.

Last year the Jays returned to the baseball ‘offs and its extra round(s), overcoming a (2-0) best of five series deficit vs Texas, winning 3 straight games, before losing another ALCS to an eventual World Champion Royals team, thirty years later.



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