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A.L. Central: Final Update

September 28, 2016

There were many posts here during the season regarding the A.L. Central Division.

Cleveland (Indians) won it, clinching their eighth, “one eighth” division title, two nights ago.

Few so called baseball sites that I found anyway, gave the tiebreaker scenarios among the three division winners in the A.L. as far as playoffs seeding.

I did research the fact both of the other division winners Texas and Boston won the season series vs the Indians. Thus Cleveland loses in any tiebreaker scenario, including a 3 way one.

I know Boston has not clinched the division yet but I will take the chance and call them “division” winners.

Actually the chances of them (Boston) not winning the division are greater than what was referred to as a “may” by the so annoying CBS announcer, Kevin Harlan at the end of last Sunday’s Colts/Chargers game.

I will cite that and other “horrors/Harlan” I heard in the short time the telecast aired in this market last Sunday, in one of two “attack mode” posts tomorrow.

Have to vent folks, but I will do so with no personal “attacks.”




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