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Feeling hollow despite and maybe because I am on a (10-1-1) “hot” streak regarding NFL outcomes.

September 26, 2016

There are many reasons to feel hollow on a Monday morning, one is to have lost “dinero” on football outcomes the day before.

Another reason to feel bad is to be on a (10-1-1) streak on one’s predictions and “suggestions” and have little to show for it.

I predicted the Bills to cover as a home underdog and they “outrighted” the Arizona Cardinals.

Lines move and for years now, outcomes are falling between that movement, (someone is getting rich, not I) and that was the case as the Baltimore Ravens went to (3-0), (bet from a 1 to a two plus point favorite), in a 2 point win at Jacksonville, vs the (0-3) Jaguars.

For our purposes, I stated the Jaguars were 2 point underdogs, making the prediction a tie.

One suggestion was the underdog Washington Redskins, who won at the now (2-1) East Rutherford/Jersey Giants.

Another suggestion was to take the Indianapolis Colts minus one plus points, vs the San Diego Chargers. The Colts won by four points making my record (10-1-1), after an (0-2) start.

The situations that manifest from football outcomes especially regarding point spread implications, combined with the often, actual IGNORANT (Rabbi Joseph Wise, years ago professed “do not confuse ignorance with stupidity” some of what I hear borders on the latter, but in nice fashion I will call it the former) comments by those assigned to broadcast the games, makes one a veritable tree trunk (hollow), even when on, what amounts to a virtually meaningless “hot streak.”



The picture of the tree hollow above may be small, but I feel it to be a good choice and a much more appealing sight than some of the other such “things hollow.”

It also symbolizes that I must and will perk up, acknowledge not so much my skill at predicting sports outcomes, (with the God/force provided proviso, that if I wager, then I will not be even close to as accurate), but my great knowledge of sports.

Yes, it truly hurts to hear some or even most of the comments by almost all television announcers, especially so called “analysts,” but I take solace and should even revel in the fact, that I can shut the sound and/or not watch at all. Largely, that is what I do. If someone like me, once a 9 hour/ Sunday football watching “fool” can do it, so can you!

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