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Facing the tragic of death of Jose Fernandez and two other people, with hopefully, some real perspective

September 26, 2016

“That team (the Mets), which recently lost all three home games to the lowly Atlanta Braves, twice avoided Washington ace Max Scherzer thanks to Dusty Baker’s questionable “good graces” and will not face Miami Marlins’ ace Jose Fernandez, when the teams begin a three game series in Miami next week.”

I am not hiding from the fact, nor am I ashamed that I wrote the above, in one of last week’s posts.

Perhaps as I look at the chilling part of the declarative sentence stating Jose Fernandez, one of three people to die in a boating accident during the past weekEND, would not pitch a baseball game, (apparently that had been changed and he was scheduled to pitch vs “that team”), there is perspective.

However, I am past the point of condoning the actions and sentiment of people, including me, concerned more with outcomes involving their favorite, or more telling, as I alluded to yesterday, their least or close to least, favorite teams in sporting events.

I will not be a hypocrite and say that the tragedy which took the life of a man, who among other things was on a path to “break the bank,” per the agreement this society has “bargained” to reward athletic ability, will change my perspective.

On this point, I praise myself because I know myself. Why don’t most of the rest of you admit the same?

Despite all this, as I did regarding Lyman Bostock, a star baseball player, news of whose death also came on a September Sunday 38 years ago,  in even more tragic circumstances, a victim of I believe, an unintentional shooting (at least it was not the result of  shots, necessary or not, fired by uniformed people)–I asked God for that reset button he/she/it steadfastly has refused throughout time and bring the three victims back alive.

Though battered from pillar to post, a victim so often of my own wharped thinking, I felt utter misery when I read that Jose Fernandez had died.

Maybe God said in reiterating his no “reset” button that has continued but not enabled human tragedy for all time, (tha)t maybe if we did not “SET” so much tragedy upon ourselves …….

It is hard to follow even a hypothetical God, but in doing so, I evoke George Burns, who not only played “God” but warned not to “fall in love with our beds.”

In other words Mr. Burns said go out and do something. Jose Fernandez, by all accounts certainly did and not just with his pitching prowess.

Alas he did so with good but ultimately tragic result(s)!



Perhaps Jose Fernandez is tuned to my frequency, think of me as a pain in the butt, (repeat without the second “t’) but well meaning emissary.

In my next post I will get out some of what our conversation might consist.


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