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Today It Seems I Came To Praise Mike Lupica, Tomorrow I Evoke, With Perspective I promise, As With Mark Antony Regarding Caesar A More Complicated View

September 14, 2016

He can write, oh can he write! After the 1996 NCAA Basketball final, my friend, a doctor and I (what and whomever I might be) delayed our journey back and marveled at his determination, typing away at press row, to file his story/column. True we were waiting out the endless traffic, but it was a truly compelling example of determination.

When I read his work for the first time in The New York Post after a regular season “1975 part of the ’74-’75 NBA season,” at Boston between the defending champion Celtics and Washington Bullets, I knew it was a cut above.

I know he is a cultured individual, who among other things has an appreciation of fine music, I could only dream of attaining.

At a charity softball game in the Long Island Hamptons, (Pat Cooper regarding the Hamptons, helped rid me of the ridiculous occasional sojourn there) I witnessed him making a major league play, from his position around second base.

Perhaps the best transition as to why, despite all the above cited positives, I come to at least balance my praise of Mike Lupica with a more complicated, as with  Marc Antony, regarding Caesar,  view, is my regret at not calling that play by Mr. Lupica.

Tune in tomorrow, or some time in the near future, as I will try and put “many things Lupica”  in some perspective.

As of now, unlike in some of my previous posts, look at the nice things, all true and well deserved I wrote about Mr. Lupica today.



The great comedian, Pat Cooper “set me straight” about going to the Hamptons.

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