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Comments Regarding Oklahoma/Ohio State Part 2

September 14, 2016

As you may have ascertained or already knew, the Oklahoma Sooners prevailed in that great game in Columbus, Ohio exactly one week shy of 39 years ago this Saturday when the schools meet again, this time in Norman, Oklahoma.

It also was probably somewhat apparent that Uwe von Schamann, who went on to become an excellent NFL kicker, booted the game winning field goal as Oklahoma rallied for a (29-28) victory.

I knocked Ohio State coach Woody Hayes in the last post and stand by what is largely agreed upon concerning his “volatility” (that is a nice word although as applied to 2 of 3 bad with the stock market in the last three trading days, not so).

Many would disagree with even calling Hayes, who had a truly great record of sorts, over rated, no less a not so great coach. I stand by my assertion that he was not all that great as a coach.

Yet one thing about Mr. Hayes, and the great and I mean great, offensive lineman, Jim Parker, who played for Hayes in the 1950’s does attest to in glowing terms, is that in a very positive way, Coach Hayes was ahead of the curve in his relations with black players.



The great Jim Parker pictured above. In a time when players could not necessarily afford more expensive culinary items such as steak, the great Parker was asked if he liked to eat steak.

He answered in the affirmative and was told to look at the man standing not far away on the Baltimore Colts’ practice field, their great quarterback, John Unitas.

Parker was told “protect that man” and you will eat a great deal of steak. He did!!

Click below to see Uwe von Schamann’s historic field goal vs Ohio State on September 24, 1977

Oklahoma’s last second winning field goal @ Ohio St. * (from Sept. 24, 1977)


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