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N.L. Central Update

September 13, 2016

Sooner or later, maybe tonight, the Chicago Cubs will complete a dominant performance in winning the N.L. Central Division as they were favored to accomplish.

However they were not overwhelming favorites and few expected such a wide margin of victory.

Likely the Cubs will be the National League one seed and face the wild card round winner in a best of 5 division series.

The Cubs’ overwhelming margin of victory and excellent regular season is not even close to a guarantee of victory, in even one tournament round.

Last year, the Cubs finished third in the N.L. Central, but beat both teams that finished ahead of them the second place Pittsburgh Pirates and the N.L. top seed, St. Louis Cardinals.

Tonight against a Cardinals’ team battling for tournament qualification, the Cubs could clinch the division title, but that will happen sooner or later and will mean very little in tournament play.



The Cubs will be nice favorites in the division series on TBS but whether their opponent is the Giants, Mets, Cardinals or Dodgers, it will not be an easy task for the Cubs to win and gain entry into the NLCS which unlike last season is not on TBS, but on Fox.

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