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A Dazzling Show: “An Evening With Sophia Loren”

September 13, 2016

Recently I had the great pleasure of attending “An Evening With Sophia Loren,” which was a question and answer show, featuring the great Academy Award winning actress, the still so beautiful Sophia (Loren).

Taking the ball and running with it,  giving humorous, forthright and emotional answers to questions posed by the fine Hollywood journalist, Bill Harris the host, Ms. Loren dazzled the crowd.

Her honesty about winning the Academy Award for her superb performance in “Two Women” and her comments about some of those she worked with in a fabulous career, made for an outstanding show.

Additionally, at least a half dozen film clips of Ms. Loren’s most famous and best movies were shown and discussed.

Ms. Loren’s remarks, which I will not reveal and her reactions are priceless. The show has a limited run in selected cities. Hopefully the outstanding  show will be in your city.

The next show is tomorrow night at Detroit Opera Hall, beginning at 8 P.M.  A link for ticket purchase to that performance and others in the  future, is below.

Sophia Loren Tickets – Buy Sophia Loren Tickets Today.



I believe the picture above of Sophia Loren was the one displayed above the stage as Ms. Loren sat with Bill Harris for the intriguing question/answer/film clips show.





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