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“Hey There” Waldman: The World Can See, The Astros Are More Than Mathematically Alive

September 10, 2016

Last night on the broadcast of the game between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, just after Suzyn Waldman  complained that the rain delay, which lasted a big 16 minutes, could have been avoided illustrated either an unbelievable arrogance or complete lack of knowledge. Dare I say both!

After updating the two games which involved the teams ahead of the Yankees in the playoffs race, Waldman with resignation said “I guess Houston (Astros) is mathematically alive and I think updated the score in their game.

MATHEMATICALLY ALIVE, they started the night a half game behind the Yankees!

Of course this Waldman has succeeded despite and maybe because many dislike her so much because she is a woman on the sports air.

That is not why I dislike hearing her. She acts like it is a big deal that she grace us with her presence and the “mathematically alive” comment was too much.

Please Suzyn, know the standings and grasp that with three plus weeks to go, if “your” Yankees are in the race, which they certainly are, the Astros, a scant half game behind (when Waldman made the comment) are in the race as well.



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