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USC Vs Alabama Notes Part 1

September 3, 2016

Tonight defending college football national champion, Alabama is a 12 point favorite in its opening game vs the University of Southern California (USC).

I recall games between the schools/teams in 1977 and 1978, that definitely had or should have had title implications.

In fact, in my opinion and more telling, in that of the late great college football expert, Beano Cook the one that had title implications should not have.

In 1977, Alabama having been dealt an early season loss at Nebraska (no slouch team), was an underdog, but won at USC.

However, though Alabama’s loss was to Nebraska and the fact they entered bowl day (then, in a far better situation the bigger bowl games were all played on one day, most years January 1st, that year January 2nd) ranked third and rolled over a good Ohio State team, they were denied the title.

It went to a Notre Dame team that vaulted from fifth to first, despite its loss being to a Mississippi team, certainly inferior to Nebraska.

Beano went to his grave unhappy about that result and sadly, I am destined to do the same. It really is not important, but unjust just the same.

In one of four  posts today, a look at the 1978 game and season. A prediction on tonight’s tilt as well.



Beano Cook, pictured above, praised my “note,” when I pointed out to him that the (unjust in both Beano’s and my opinion) trophy or game ball, displayed at Notre Dame, signifying that 1977 season title had the wrong date (January 1st) and not January 2, 1978 inscribed upon it.

In fairness, I must indicate that Notre Dame did rip top ranked Texas that day (January 2nd) however, Alabama was ranked third and rolled Ohio State. Why should they have been penalized? Also it was not the first time (see 1966), that Notre Dame and not Alabama “claimed” the “unofficial” crown.

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