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The Cubs’ Wasted Wins

September 3, 2016

Oh they just keep winning and against one wild card contender after the other!

“They” are the (87-47), Chicago Cubs and as they keep mowing down these wild card contenders in games not all that important to the Cubs, just how ridiculous it will be that the Cubs will have to beat one of these teams, in a must win best of five division series.

You think Manfred or any of the league brass cares?!  Of course not! They sold it out, when they allowed wild card teams.

More in the days and weeks ahead, for now the facts: The Cubs just swept the Pirates of Pittsburgh and now have won the first two vs the S.F. Giants.

By the way, I am not saying the Giants will beat the Cubs if they clash in the division series or NLCS. However, if you think they are one bit scared of the Cubs, no matter how many games they win, think again!

The Giants have three recent crowns, the Cubs—, well you know!

Do you think the pressure would be on the Giants, think again. It is a horrible joke!



To their credit and also as evidence of the mediocre play of the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates, the Cubs have an incredible 16 and one half game lead in the N.L. Central two days before Labor Day.

Oh this is so ominous for the Cubs, a team that once won 116 games but not the World Series! That was a truly great team and they won titles the next two seasons in 1907 and 1908.

You know about 1908 don’t you? If not not only here but just about everywhere the upcoming baseball tournament is discussed, you will be immersed in 1908, of course that being the last season in which the Cubs won the World Series.

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