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Thoughts On The Great (1929-1931) Philadelphia Athletics

August 26, 2016

While the vaunted New York Yankees of the Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig era, had a far longer run of greatness, thus for history sake are rightfully considered better, few teams including those Yankees could match the (1929-1931) Philadelphia Athletics’ teams.

The greatest testament to their greatness is that for those 3 consecutive seasons, they denied the great Yankees the American League Pennant.

The Athletics won it all in both 1929 and 1930 before being denied by Pepper Martin and the St. Louis Cardinals in a seven game series in 1931.

While the (1921-1924) Giants were managed by an all-time great manager, John McGraw, the same can be said about the (1929-1931) Philadelphia Athletics managed by Connie Mack.

Great and near great players adorned the A’s roster including Lefty Grove, who won 31 games and lost but 4 in 1931.



Another of the many great A’s players was Jimmie Foxx, pictured above. For so long, including years when I was young and was absorbed by the home run totals in “Player’s Targets” in Street and Smith’s Baseball Magazine, the 534 home runs by Mr. Foxx had him trailing only Babe Ruth, in that department.

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