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More Notes On 3 Or More Consecutive Pennant Winning Teams

August 26, 2016

In an earlier post, two teams that each won three consecutive pennants with an overlap, the (1906-1908) Chicago Cubs and the (1907-1909) Detroit Tigers.

Today a look at two glory teams with all-time great managers who at least began their pennant streaks in the 1920’s.

The New York Giants are the only National League team to ever win 4 consecutive pennants, doing so from (1921-1924).

They split in the 4 World Series after those two pennants, handing the New York Yankees defeats in their first two W.S. appearances.

However after sharing or more precisely being tenants in the Giants’ Polo Grounds home, Yankee Stadium opened in 1923 and the Yankees won their first World Series and it was vs the Giants.

In 1924 the Washington Senators won their only title as the Senators and the only World Series ever won by a team from the nation’s capital when they 7’d the Giants, winning the last game in 12 innings, the longest a decisive, winner take all, World Series game ever lasted.

Next a look at the 3 time American League champion (1929-1931) Philadelphia Athletics, a team so great and yet so under rated.




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