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More Than An A.L. Central Update As It Is Getting Late Both In The Season And For US

August 25, 2016

While, as referenced in my last post, the Chicago Cubs, the only team sans a World Series win longer than them, need not play that hard for the rest of the “reg,” the Cleveland Indians surely do.

Cleveland’s lead over the Detroit Tigers in the A.L. Central is down to five and a half games.

Additionally, the Indians are in a battle for seeding position with among other teams, the Texas Rangers, with whom, they open a 4 game series in Arlington Texas.

Speaking of Arlington, Texas, in “11/22/63,” a work of fiction, but also largely accurate historical facts, by author Stephen King, on that date in the book, the city (Arlington) is cited as the future home of George W. Bush’s Texas Rangers.

No matter that, due to events on that date, John F. Kennedy ended up in another “Arlington,” a cemetery near Washington D.C.

Unlike President Gerald Ford (a Ford actually called and portrayed by a Chevy), perhaps Mr. Bush’s father could give us more insight into events of that day. He was with the C.I.A., after all.

No accusations, just some “information please,” not found in the almanac.



As I recall, almanacs such as the one above, would have reviewed the year before, as is obvious by the fact there is nada, regarding the assassination of President Kennedy on the cover.

Sadly, as time goes on, I wonder where other information regarding that event might ever be found.

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