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Advice To The Cubs: “Slow Down Some”

August 25, 2016

My advice to the Chicago Cubs is to stop winning so much, in what now are virtually meaningless regular season games.

The Cubs’ record is (81-45)  so there is no “danger” of a truly great wins total, but if I were them I would slow down.

Long before their title drought got out of hand (it is almost 108 years since they won The World Series), the Cubs won an incredible 116 games in 1906. They only lost 36 games, easily the best record in modern baseball history.

That record earned them a berth in the World Series. They lost that World Series to the Chicago White Sox 55 years before White Sox fan and current U.S. President Barack Obama was born.

Soon in the last days, certainly month or so before Mr. Obama’s status is overshadowed by a newly elected president, the Cubs, no matter how many games they win under “I still say he is a loser,” (takes one to know one, but at least I would never have been too lazy to bring in a lefty pitcher to face the great David Ortiz as he was in game 5 of the 2008 ALCS), Joe Maddon, will be one of eight teams in the baseball tournament.

The 116 win, 1906 Cubs failed to title, as one of two teams!



Click below to view Wayne Newton perform “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast”

1972-Wayne Newton – Daddy Dont You Walk So fast.



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