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More Notes On Teams That Won Three Straight Pennants

August 24, 2016

First of all, in recalling teams that won as many as three consecutive league pennants, I am citing those from the beginning of World Series play between the National and American Leagues which commenced in 1903.

One team from each league won three straight pennants from (1906-1909) thus an “overlap” caused them to meet in World Series competition in both 1907 and 1908.

The National League team and the victor in both those World Series was the Chicago Cubs, who also won the pennant in 1906 but lost the World Series to the cross town, Chicago White Sox.

The American League team that won three straight “flags” was the Detroit Tigers. They did so from (1907-1909).

In addition to the losses vs the Cubs in both the 1907 and 1908 World Series, the Tigers were denied by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1909.

The great player, Tyrus Raymond Cobb, (Ty Cobb) was denied team victory in all 3 World Series in which he played the last one in 1909 vs another all-time great, the Pirates’ Honus Wagner, who won his only title that season.



Some day I will give Pepsi Cola “equal time,” (maybe I just did). Ty Cobb got “in early” and amassed a great fortune, buying Coca Cola stock.

As I read in his grandson Herschel’s fine book, “Heart of a Tiger,” Ty Cobb was very generous in helping his former teammates that suffered misfortune. He always helped maintain their dignity, when doing so.

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Heart of a Tiger: Growing Up with My Grandfather,.


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