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Cryptic “Pie” Talk, But At Least I Know When To Stop

August 22, 2016

Sixty years is a long time. One can make many pies, see and take advantage of much misery, all manifesting in many dollars in a safe.

Alas once a pie always a pie, as he was dubbed so many years ago after failing to be where he was supposed to be on a cold night.

The two left to walk in the cold, saw the beautiful Farrah Fawcett as night shots were taken on a late 1970’s film.

It seems the two walking and Farrah (I watched some “Fall Guy” episodes with Farrah’s once husband, Lee Majors, as part of the “Decades binge” this past weekend) were left to experience real cold.

Six decades later, there is still pie and they are better warm.

However, humans who feel not, save for themselves, will be “shelved” eventually. At that point, no “safe money” can save them.



In “table” or any talk, listening and knowing when to stop is important. Talk can be hurtful, words “slice” and people feel that “slicing” as though they were or more precisely were victimized (“A”)by “Pie.”

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